Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Children of the Force
Author User: Clonefanatic
Illustrator Clonefanatic

Publication date Started: April 2010

Completed: Not finished

Published by Clonefanatic
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Knightfall
Children of the Force is a trillogy written by Clonefanatic following the events and stories during the Clone Wars from Galein Starkiller's perspective. It begins with the Battle of Mon Cala and ends with the begining of Operation: Knightfall.

Plot summaryEdit

File- 465px Clone wars

Cover art for Children of the Force

Galein goes with Kit Fisto to Mon Cal and fights the Separatists. He is then after the battle, went searching for a distress signal that Ahsoka Tano triggered. Galaein finds her and leaves a Separatist space station scuttled by strange bio creatures only to be captured by General Grievous. He duels the general and remarkably defeats him, then ltries to escape again on his starfighter with Ahsoka. The general orders an attack on the fleet that has come to pick up Ahsoka and Galein.

Another battle insuses with a nearly destroyed Republic Fleet leaving towards the planet Sullust. Grievous orders the execution of the entire Sullustan civilazation but Galein, Ahsoka, and Zorin lead 16 thousand clone troopers into battle with the increasing amount of droid forces. Galein again duels Grievous when he unthinkingly bluffed to Grievous. But with much power from the Force, Galein wins again. And once again the Republic is victorious.

Later, on a mission to an unknown planet in the Outer-Rim Galein stumbles upon a ancient Sith civilazation, and fights Dark Lord Malice, in Galein's, most emotional, and learns a revalation that his ancestor was Darth Revan. Galein in his anger murders the Sith but loses his arm by a sniper droid. He is healed when he barely escapes. He is brought back to health, and talks to Zorin, and Ahsoka. His relationship with Ahsoka starts to grow there.

Then when Ahsoka gets a transmission from Lux Bonteri she goes to meet him. Galein is angered by this. Saying it doesn't seem right, and if she gets captured it's her fault. Ahsoka goes anyways and winds up getting herself caught once again by the Death Watch. Galein rescued her and Lux with the help from the Midnight Ops. and the 104th Legion.

During the last year of the Clone Wars after many battles and confrontations with the Separatists Galein and Ahsoka fall in love on Alderaan and kiss near a large waterfall.

The story ends with Emperor Palpatine saying to Lord Vader; "Do what must be done Lord Vader. Do not heisitate, show no mercy. Only then will you have the power to save Padme." Then the book follows up with Knightfall.