Star Wars: A Brother's Betrayal
Author User: ARC Trooper Tal

User: Nilsmarten

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A Brother's Betrayal is a short story written by ARC Trooper Tal and Nilsmarten. It follows the tale of Clone Stormtrooper Sergeant "Tai" as he discovers that serving the newly-formed Empire is not at all pleasing. The story takes place after the time of Order 66. However, flashback scenes in the story mostly revolve around time of the Great Jedi Purge and the aftermath of the Kaminoan conspiracy against the Empire.


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Plot SummaryEdit

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Planets and LocationsEdit

  • Dagobah - (Yoda's hut)
  • Dantooine - (Rebel Alliance base)


  • The elements, concept, and storyline of A Brother's Betrayal is based on and inspired by the PS3 exclusive video game, Haze.
  • Several areas of the story contain references to the movies TRON and its sequel, TRON: Legacy.
  • The book calls Tai and his squadmates "Clone Stomtroopers". Clone Stormtroopers was the unofficial name given to clones of Jango Fett from the Grand Army of the Republic who were transfered and incooperated into the ranks of the Empire. Although not clearly mentioned, this means that Tai and his squadmates are clones of Jango Fett.
  • The unidentified Jedi is most likely Jedi General Rahm Kota or Falon Grey.