Spike was an Umbaran Commander during the Clone Wars. He was responsible for the deaths of many 45th Elite Legion and 212th Attack Battalion Troopers. He was killed by Jedi Knight Xjan Skyfighter.

Battle of UmbaraEdit

Republic Scum! Kill 'em all!

-Spike during the battle.

Spike was defending the capital during the battle. Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Xjan Skyfighter led an assault on the capital. Many clones died at the hands of Spike. Sergeant Cannon managed to hold him off for a while, then Skyfighter arrived and justified him.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Commander Spike was a highly skilled opponent, I lost some good men to him.

-Xjan Skyfighter

Spike was known to be a ruthless soldier. He wanted revenge on the Republic for the death of Senator Deechi. When the Republic launched their invasion of Umbara, Spike knew it was time to have revenge. He and his legion killed many troopers, and Spike would accept nothing but victory. When Skyfighter arrived, he hoped to claim his first Jedi kill, and hoped for many after that. His arrogance proved to be his downfall, however, when Skyfighter easily killed him.