Shark was once a battlefield Clone trooper.But he constantly broke rules so he was demoted from Sargeant to Scout Piolt.He got a tear on his helmet because he was one of the only clones to cry of sadness.So when they made his helmet they mocked him by writing "strong boy" on the inside of his helmet.

Shark in Phase I armor

He took part in the Battle of Umbara and unloaded many Clones including the Midnight Ops. into battle.

then while offloding scouts to umbara his shuttle got shot down and most of his crew were injured or dead.Shark took control and tryed to help the injured clones.he saved evry injured troopers life and was promoted to the 186 legion and was offerd to become a sargent agian but he asked for a higher rank in now he is a sargent poilt. he still takes some on land missions though.


  • Darkness on Umbara (first appearance)
  • Space Fight

shark after he got promoted to 186 legion