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Senate Commandos were an elite division of troopers within the Senate Guard, a security force dedicated to the protection of members of the Galactic Senate. Only the best and bravest in the Guard were selected to become Commandos. Adhering to the Guard's policy, Senate Commandos were composed of birth-born Human volunteers.

In addition to their role of protecting Republic politicians, Senate Commandos were also sent on high-risk missions or operations on behalf of the Senate.


Unlike the Senate Guards, who wore heavy, long ceremonial robes, Senate Commandos donned combat armor in order to be more effective and efficient in battle. Their armor greatly resembled the Phase I Clone Trooper armor worn by Clone troopers with slight changes. One of the said changes include their helmets, which have a design similar to Senate Guards' helmets. It is unknown if these helmets have an internal HUD (Heads Up Display) or are merely for cosmetic purposes. Another noticable change is their enlarged left pauldron, which is fully resistant to blaster fire, allowing the Commandos to shield themselves from any shot directed towards their head.

The Commandos utilized the same weaponry as the Grand Army of Republic. This included the DC-15A Blaster Rifle, the DC-15S Blaster Carbine, and Thermal Detonators.

Known MembersEdit