Kol Kerz-Tak(2)
Biographical information
Homeworld Dathomir
Born 36 BBY, Dathomir
Physical description
Species Dathomirian Zabrak
Gender Male
Height 1.87 meters
Hair color None
Eye color Blue
Skin Color Kahki
Cybernetics Prosthetic right leg
Chronological and political information
Known masters
Known apprentices

"I am Kol Kerz-Tak, Jedi Knight, son to the late Jedi Masters Ghi Kerz-Tak and Juli Hig. I am here to help and protect the Republic, which was their last wish. I will honor what my parents did, for if it weren't for them I wouldn't be here"

-Kol Kerz-Tak

Kol Kerz-Tak, nicknamed "Temper" by his master and close Jedi friend Ahsoka Tano was a powerful and legendary Force-sensitive male Dathomirian Zabrak Jedi Master, who served the who served the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars and the final years of the Galactic Republic as a Jedi Knight and Jedi General. He came into the Clone Wars a year after it began, after his parents had requested him to serve the Jedi Order in their memory, which he would do so. Kol became a key Jedi in the Clone Wars by his incredible military and battlefield startegies and tatics. He became very good freinds with Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano.

Kol was a master of the Juyo, Jar'Kai, Shien-style reverse grip variant of Form V, Niman, Makashi ,and Ataru. He was also a highly advanced master at martial arts(Unarmed combat). He was the son of late Jedi Masters Ghi Kerz-Tak and Juli Hig, and the younger brother of the Sith Lord Clay Kerz-Tak. Kol was the strongest Force-senisitve in his family lineage, thus surpassing the power of his father, mother, and older brother, including his great grandparents and grandparents on his father and mother's side of the family. Kol also served as a General in Guards of the Empress alongside Lord Deborrah, and his clone brother Saul shimmerdrift, whom he would meet a year before the creation of the Galactic Empire. Kol was also one of thew few Jedi to survive Order 66, along with Ahsoka Tano, whom he saved while they were on mission on the planet of Felucia. He also led a squadron of troops, which was called the 152nd Legion.

Kol was mostly against war, but he decided to fight because he wanted the people of the Republic to be safe, including other worlds that were threathened by the Separatists. Many Separatists never expected Kol, because they lost numerous droids whenever they fought Kol and his clone trooper squadron. Besides being a incredible General who had impressive skills on the batttlefield, including good btatics and strategies, Kol was a very skilled pilot. Kol also fought in the Yuuzhan Vong War, and the Civil War on Dathomir.

Birth yearsEdit

Kol Kerz-Tak was born on the planet Dathomir in 36 ABY to his two Zabrak parents by the names of Ghi Kerz-Tak, a Zabrak Nightbrother, and Jedi Master and Juli Hig, a Zabrak Nightsister, who was also a Jedi Master. His birth brought joy to his family, inlcuding to his younger brother, but the joy his brother had wouldn't last long. Only after a year that Kol was born, he started to show his power in the Force, which surprised his parents, that still a baby, he had the will to control the Force. This made his brother even more jealous, because he thought Kol would replace him as the head of the family, to which he had planned to kill his brother, but before he could, Clay, Kol's older brother, was kidnapped.

Brother kidnappedEdit

In the year of 35 BBY, a year after Kol's birth, Clay was kidnapped by a Sith Lord, who wanted to train him in the dark side of the Force, and told him he would be able to kill his brother, to which Clay accepted the teachings. Kol wouldn't know about his brother until he was twelve years old.

The training commencesEdit

Around five years later, when Kol was six years ol in the year of 30 BBY, he started to train in the ways of the Jedi by his father and mother. Much to their surprise he learned quickly, and was able to control his abilities in the dark side and light side, thus was able to keep them balanced. Kol was first trained in the arts of the Jar'Kai by his father, and the Makasi, by his mother. In time, certain forms of the Ataru, Niman and Juyo were amplified to his skill. His father also trained him in martial arts. As time went by Kol, started to become a very powerful Jedi, to which once he was thirteen, Kol showed complete mastery of the Jar'Kai and the Makashi. Kol also showed mastery in the Ataru as time went by, but was finished by Shaak Ti, because his mother was killed by his brother Clay in 21 BBY, thus she couldn't complete his training.

Rank of Jedi KnightEdit

In 22 BBY, by the age of 14, Kol recieved the title of Jedi Knight, becoming the youngest one of his family. Kol was one of the youngest Jedi Knights in history along with Anakin Skywalker, who preceded him. However, Kol met his first biggest challenge as a Jedi Knight, which would be once he met his brother for the first time, who was a Dark Acolyte.

Re-encounter with brother & Parents assassinatedEdit

IIn that same year, Kol met his brother for the first time, who was now a servant of the Dark Side and a Dark Acolyte. Upon meeting Kol felt the power that Clay had, to which he felt that he was strong in the Dark Side of the Force. Kol asked Clay why he joined the dark side, to which Clay answered because he hated Kol, and was jealous that he had more power. Kol stated that just because he was more powerful than Clay, it didn't mean he had to turn to the dark side. Saying that, Kol was hit by a barrage of Force Lightning by his older brother Clay. Absorbing the impact, Kol himself attacked his brother with Force Lightning, which was stronger than that of his brother. Kol would only see his brother now raged, and calling upon his group of Sith Acolytes. Surrounded by them, Kol ignited his blades and started to fend them of, thus killing two in the process. Seeing Kol in danger, Ghi and Juli rushed to the aid of their son, making it a three on ten duel. Kol and his parents defeated the Acolytes, only to later be confronted by Clay. Kol saw that his own brother could match the three of them at the same time. The duel escalted and became more intense, to which Ghi and Juli lost one of their dual blades in the duel. In an attempt to stop him, Kol parents Ghi and Juli unleashed Force Lightning at Clay, only to stop with his lightsaber, and send to Kol, thus blasting him straight to the wall of a mountain side. Though not knocked out by the impact, Kol was incapacitated by the blow. He would only see his parents struggle against Clay, as to the next blow would leave him in tears. Utilizing a manuver that Kol himself only knew, Clay used it to kill both Ghi and Juli, but not instantly. Saddened and in rage, Kol jumped towards his brother and unleashed strong and furied attacks at Clay, to where he was able to defeat him, but only to be more angry, due to the fact that Clay was able to escape. Kol then walked to where his parents laid on the ground, and told them that they would be alright. Ghi and Juli asked Kol if he could keep a promise, to twhich he answered yes. He now knew that they would die, and the promise made was that he would leave Dathomir, and join the Jedi Order and Galactic Republic in their honor. Also, he had to meet with Master Yoda, to which he said he would do. At their final breath they gave Kol their lightsabers, to which he would keep forever, and then his parents died. A few seconds later, their bodies disappeared, and Kol now knew they were one with the Force. He then departed Dathomir, and headed to Coruscant.

Arrival on CoruscantEdit

"Father and Mother. I know you can hear me, I will live your legacy"

-Kol shortly after his parents death, and after joining the Jedi Order

Kol would leave Dathomir on small ship his parents had built. He set the coordinates to Coruscant, and headed to the destination, but met with an unexpected welcome. Upon entering the area of what was the planet Coruscant, Republic warships were stationed above it, to which he thought he would be recognized as an ally, but would meet with blasts fired from the ships. He was seemingly mistaken for a Separatist ship. H e narrowly dodged the attack, but ended up being shot on the wing, making him lose control, that set him on a course to crash on the planet near the temple. Due to the damage of the wing, he went falling down like a missile. Entering the atmosphere, the ship gained more speed, and he knew he had to get out. Blowing of the top of the ship with the Force, Kol jumped out the ship using Force Jump, to which his ship ended up crashing by the side of the temple, but no damage was caused. Landing with enough force, he caused the temple to shake. Feeling a tremble, Ahsoka and Anakin are sent check out on what had happened, by Master Yoda. Exiting the temple, they saw the crashed ship, but feel a strong Force presence consisting of both the light side and dark side. Unknown to them it was Kol, who was walking to the doors of the temple, to eventually speak to Master Yoda. As said by his parents, Kol was going on to complete the promise. He felt the presence of the two Jedi, but didn't do anything, until he was seen as a threat. Igniting their blades they prepared to engage Kol, but he stated he wasn't their to attack them, but Anakin and Ahsoka didn't listen to him, yet the two ignored his light side. Seeing no way out, Kol ignited his blades, which were his parents, that he had taken from them, once they died, since they had handed it to him. Not attacking, he went on the defense and showed impressive skills, thus making it difficult for the two to take him down. Yoda then came out and told him to stop, which they did, for he said he had been waiting for Kol. Questioning him, Yoda said he was the son of one of his old Jedi apprentices, and that Kol himself was a Jedi Knight. Understanding it, Anakin and Ahsoka ask Kol to forgive them for attacking him. Kol said that it was alright for they didn't know. Kol was then introduced to everyone in the Council and welcomed to the Jedi Order. Kol told Yoda about the loss of his parents, to which Yoda told Kol not to cry, for they were one with the Force, which he agreed, and said that he was glad they were one, but that he would mess them.

Apprenticed to a new MasterEdit

"It will be an honor Master Shaak Ti, for you to be my new master"

-Kol tells Shaak Ti that he is grateful to be her new apprentice

After his arrival, Kol was apprenticed to Jedi Master Shaak Ti, by Master Yoda. Yoda said even

Shaak Ti, Kol last Jedi Master

though he was a Jedi Knight, he still needed a master, to which Kol agreed. Kol respected Shaak Ti, and could even feel her power in the Force, to which was legendary. Ti would be his last master ever. She remained his master throughtout the remainder of the Clone Wars. Kol's training in the Ataru was completed by Shaak. Kol never understood many things she said, to which he thought it was because she was a Jedi Master, but he remember his parents were also Masters, but he understood what they said. He concluded that they each say things differently.She herself was amazed at Kol's power in the Force, thus was one of many who could sense the two sides in him besides Ahsoka, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Yoda and several others.

Kol's training took place on Kamino, where he was stationed alongside his new master to defend it's cloning facilities, which made the clones for the Republic.

Clay reappearsEdit

Around one month after jarriving on Coruscant and joining the Jedi Order, Kol had his second encounter with his older brother Clay. Unknown to him, Clay had been searchinf for him, to get revenge after Kol had defeated him. The encounter would occur on Coruscant. One day, Kol was walking with Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan Ahsoka Tano. The three were talking on when the war could end, to which Kol said he wanted it to end, because he hated it. The two agree, to which Kol would stop and start to tremble. Asking what was wrong, Kol looked up and saw a small ship landing, to which was piloted by Clay. Once the ship landed and opened a hooded figure emrged from it, and walked out only to ignite it's dual blades. Kol ran to it, but was requested to stop by Anakin, to which he ignored. Igniting his blade, Kol went on to duel his brother once more.

First Mission-The Return of Darth MaulEdit

Order 66Edit

Life in ExileEdit

Personality and traitsEdit

The Jedi are protectors of the peace. We teach the ways of the Force to others, in the hopes of keeping them away from the Dark Side
We will always be Jedi, in this life and the next and we must spread the Old Jedi Order's Legacy from all its masters,knights and padawans
-Kol Kerz-Tak with Ahsoka Tano

Kol was a calm, respectful, honorable and helpful Jedi. He enjoyed teaching various Younglings in the ways of the Force, alongside his wife Ahsoka Tano before Order 66, and also in exile where he taught Zabrak and Toruta younglings alongside Ahsoka Tano, who would become his wife. Kol was also gifted in the ability of being able to speak in many languages like Huttese, Genosian, Catharese, Kreva, Twi'leki, and his native language Zabraki and also Paecean. Kol was also able to speak the native language of his wife Ahsoka Tano which was Togruti. He also spoke the Kel Dor language, which was known as Kel Dorian. Kol respected every form of life, just like Yoda. Kol took time to help the poor on the streets as well, helping them get jobs and many more things in life, including teaching them the ways of the Force. Kol during the clone wars developed a close brother relationship with every single clone trooper in his 152ND Legion, all who devoted themselves to protect him, and fight for the Republic, until they betrayed him during Order 66. His troopers were never afraid to die for they knew they would become one with the Force like Kol told them. Upon dying, many of his troopers accepted their death even before they died, for he taught them that it is the way of life and the Force. After Order 66, many of Kol's troopers who had died before the Order was carried out, came back as Force Ghosts. Surprised to this, the clones thanked Kol for everything he did for them during the war and that they were thankful to have served alongside him and that they always will, even in their death. Kol proved to be a younger, but wise brother to his clones. Kol was always thankful, for those of his men who died in war, he would honor their acts in doing so, for defending the Republic and its people. Kol even enjoyed training various younglings no matter how much there were. Whenever they asked, he said he would train them. While of duty, he spent time with his family, going to his homeworld, teaching the young Zabrak children the ways of the Force. Just like Anakin, Ahsoka Tano nicknamed Kol "Temper", because of his anger problems.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Strong in the Force I am, just like my masters and my wife and daughter, who are my family
-Grand Jedi Master, Kol Kerz-Tak
Unlike other Jedi, Kol was the only Jedi known to date, besides his son and daughter, in possessing abilities in both the Light side and Dark Side of the Force. As a Jedi Knight ,
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Kol alongside his master Shaak Ti, accompanied by Jedi Masters Luminara Unduli, Plo Koon, and Obi-wan Kenobi, including Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano

Kol was a powerful Force-potential Zabrak and showed a great amount of strength in it. He was a formidable lightsaber duellist showing skill in a saber staff, dual-wielding, and the Shien reverse grip. One Force skill where he showed great power in was Force Lightning, which could kill a target on impact. His bladework was difficult to defend from, which made his attacks unpredictable. He had a similar combat technique to both Galen Marek and his clone Starkiller in which he was also able to utilize an advancement in Telekinetic lightsaber combat techniques, which were thrown out in a rage of fury with lightning arcs which killed multiple opponents. He was also able to chain his attacks with Force based attacks such as Force Lighting and Force Crush. Two abilities he created that were unpredictable and impossible to stop was Force Shadow and Force Time which he used to his advantage in a duel against any Dark Force-user which had the intention of killing him and his family. Kol knew every ability known to the light side of the Force and they were Alter Environment, Animal friendship, Battlemind, Beam of light, Combustion, Cure Disease, Cure Poison, Droid Disable, Electric Judgment, Force blinding, Force Enlightenment, Force healing, Force Light, Force Meld, Force persuasion, Force projection, Force Stun, Force Stasis, Force Valor, Hibernation Trance, Malacia, Mind trick, Morichro, Plant Surge, Protection bubble, Ray, Revitalize, Sever Force, Shatterpoint, Wall Of Light and Tutaminis. One thing is that with his power and abilities Kol combined his Kel Dor martial arts and martial arts(unarmed combat) and Teräs Käsi with his Force abilities and lightsaber techniques. Kol also had one similarity to Jedi Master Luminara Unduli which was having become incredibly flexible, abling him to dodge attacks without using his lightsabers. He also knew many Sith abilities like Force stealth, Force drain, Force Destruction, Force phantom, Force Slow and Deadly Sight, including Force corrupt. Kol also learned the ability of shape-shift where he could turn into a dragon. He learned this ability after being infected with the Dark Side by the Son. He was also able to transport himself from one place to another in a matter of seconds, which was also similar to the Father. His martial arts ability was similar to Krismo Sodi, except Kol was a highly advanced master at it, yet he showed respect towards Krismo. Kol also had the ability to stop lightsaber attacks with his bare hands from his enemies, thus could also force it back into the hilt. Kol demonstrated this ability against his older brother Clay. In his second duel with Clay, where he demonstrated the ability, Kol had put his blades away, and grabbed the sabers of Clay from it's blade, and thus forced them back into its hilt. Kol would demonstrate this ability frequently.

Lightsaber techniques and trainingEdit

"He is very young, yet very skilled and a very fast learner. He is highly advanced in his abilities".

- Ahsoka Tano commenting on Kol ability and skill

Similar to Ahsoka, Kol was very skilled in lightsaber combat at a very young age, in which he was just a year older than Ahsoka.. Though a Jedi Knight, he was more skilled than an ordinary Jedi Knight, thus making him the strongest Jedi Knight of that time, but a little equal to Anakin. Kol was highly mastered in the forms of Juyo,

Jedi Master Shaak Ti, Kol's third Jedi Master who finished his training in the Ataru

Jar'Kai, Ataru, Makashi, Niman and the unorthodox Shien variant of Form V. He mixed his Juyo form with his mastery of Kel Dor martial arts. His usage of double-bladed lightsaber (Also known as a saber staff) were difficult and almost impossible to defend from by his low stike swipes. The form of the Ataru taught to him first by his mother would be completed by Master Shaak Ti, which he used with a single blade or dual-wielding, which he grew to learn very quickly. His quick mastery of the Makashi and Ataru forms by his timing as a Jedi Knight proved to show that later in life he would fully master these lightsaber forms. His best combat techniques were ''Contentious Opportunity and Makashi Riposte both learned in the Makasi lightsaber forms. They were his first combat techniques ever learned. He was highly skilled and almost impossible to defeat. He honed incredible abilities with his lightsaber attacks and defenses. He learned the Jar'Kai by his himself only later to be fully learned by using the Makasi and Ataru forms. One thing certain about Kol was that as a child he was able to use the Force without proper training, proven by the destruction of an entire droid battalion. He taught himself to wield saberstaff after seeing Eeth Koth use it in a training duel. Kol used everything lightsaber combat technique which were sun djem', 'shiim, 'cho mai, 'cho sun, 'cho mok, 'shiak, sai cha, 'mou kei,' and his favorite the 'sai tok. He also used the Falling Leaf , and Flowing Water. While wielding dual bla'des in usage of the

Kol Kerz-Tak as a Jedi Knight practicing the Jar'Kai, along with the Makashi and Ataru forms in the Jedi Temple

Jar'Kai he did the Twin Strike and the Rising Whirlwind. When holding a reverse grip Shien blade Kol did the Barrir of Blades, Falling Avalanche,Fluid Riposte, and Shien deflection. He was also impossible to stop whenever he used Trispzest, Tràkata, Sokan, and 'Dun Möch. Kol used every single combat technique he knew and learned against the Sith, unleashing devastating attacks against them, making it impossible to counter in order to protect his fellow Jedi.
Him being Force-sensitive helped him master quickly every form of lightsaber technique that he had learned. Unlike her other apprentices, Kol was the only apprenitce that Shaak Ti trained within the Jedi Temple, and showed a lot of care for him, which she showed various times when he was captured by Greivous, and when being held captive by Grievous. Kol would later see her as a second mother.

Force AbilitiesEdit

'Even though i may know abilities that only Sith may know it doesn't make me one. I was born like this.
- Kol Kerz-Tak, Jedi Master

Kol was exceedingly powerful in the Force and in his usage of it. He showed great power in both the light side and dark side. He was so powerful that he could crush any moving object within distance of him such as Sith Starfighters and able to send his lightsaber flying straight towards the object and destroying it on impact. He proved to show a great power and utilization of Force Lightning in many ways. He was able to merge lightning attacks with lightsaber strikes and amplifying blade attacks with sudden arcs of dark energy. He was able to charge lightning on his hands and unleashed it with devastating force that it almost killed or destroyed everything in its path. He was able to take control of his enemies on attacking each other, which was known as Force Mind Tricks. He even unleashed Force Pushes with so much force that the enemy was killed on impact of the wave and could even clear large hallways. He had certain similarities in Force abilities to Starkiller's clone, especially when it came to Force Lightning, his favorite ability. Whenever he was provoked he would use a dangerous ability known as Force Fury where he would build up sufficient levels of energy and then channel it through his body. While using this, his abilities were amplified to three times his power. He could also vaporize vehicles and alike his enemies like droids. He was able to amplify his ability with Tutaminis, and redirect blaster attacks back to his enemies, as to absorb it and channel it to Force Lightning. One of his best Tutaminis abilities were absorbing lightsaber energy with his own hands and amplify it to his Force abilities unleashing a stronger wave or blast of Force Push or Force Lightning. He had a powerful offensive attack becoming one of the most powerful Force potentials in history possibly surpassing Galen Marek's clone Starkiller, and Galen Marek himself including the Dark Apprentice .He came to be one of the most powerful Jedi ever. His Force abilities were Force Push , Force Pull, Force Time, Force Shadow, Force Mind Trick, Force Wave, Force Wound, Force Choke, Force Corruption, Force Grip, Force Whirlwind, Force Kill, Force illusion, Force lightning, Force Crush, Force Repulse, Force Gravity, Force Shockwave, Saber Throw, Saber Barrier, Telekinetic lightsaber combat, Force Flight, Force Wind, Force cloak, Force speed, Force Immunity and Force Fury. The fact is that he knew many Sith abilities to which he never even was taught, because he was born with all of his Force abilities. As a Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars, Kol showed frequent use of Force Lightning, Force Crush, telekinetic lightsaber combat, Force Choke, Force Corruption, Force illusion and Force Fury. Even though he knew many Sith abilities Kol used them to his advantage in affiliating it with the Jedi. He learned to corrupt his abilities and used it against the Sith. Knowing the abilities were close to the dark side, Kol cleansed them with meditating, showing it was now permanently a Jedi ability. He was one of the few Jedi using Sith abilities during a whole life as a Jedi. Kol became one of the few Jedi, besides his daughter, to possess powers and abilities from both the Dark side and Light side of the Force.





Ahsoka Tano

"I love you, Ahsoka Tano"

"I also love you to, but how can we be together, if our love if forbidden by the Jedi Order"

"We'll keep it a secret. How does that sound?"

"Good, I love you Kol"(kisses Kol)

-Kol and Ahsoka confess their feelings for one another

A very good friend, later wife to Kol who met each other on Coruscant, during the Clone Wars. When they first met, Ahsoka thoug

Ahsoka Tano, a very good close freind to Kol, who later in life would be his wife

ht that Kol was an enemy and attacked him alongside her master. Soon after a few words by Master Yoda, Ahsoka would see that Kol was an ally and asked him to forgive her, to which he said was no need, for she was just doing what she thought was right. After that time, the two became very good and close freinds very quickly. As time passed by the two became closer and closer, which didn't worry Anakin, because he was thnking that they were strating to fall in love, like he did with Padme. It was actually true, to which after each one confessed their feelings for one another, the two decided to keep their relationship a secret from the Jedi Order. Also in certain moments, they were questioned by Anakin, who only would later say that he was just fooling around. However, at one time they wished to tell the Order about their relationship, because they felt scared that they would be discovered, but it was never meant to be for the reason was that at the time they had wished to say it, Order 66

Kol and Ahsoka train with each other in the Shien style reverse grip form

was issued, and many of their Jedi freinds had been killed. In exile, the two would train with one another, as to in the year of 5 BBY, Kol's Jedi Master Shaak Ti, found him on Dathomir, and gave him the title of Jedi Master, as Ahsoka recieved the title of Jedi Knight. Also during the time of the Clone Wars, both trained together several times, while away from the Front lines. It would be the last time they would see her. Before this, the two had married in 10 BBY, and would later have a daughter by the name of Ahsoka Kerz-Tak. The two also joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic in the beginning of the year of 4BBY, once their daughter was old enough. The two eventually revealed their love relationship, until the creation of the New Jedi Order when several Jedi Masters appeared to them as Force Ghosts. After hearing it, the Jedi Masters told Kol and Ahsoka not to let it get in their way of war, nor when teaching younglings and Padawans, which they promised and would keep. The love they had for one another was what gave them their strength as also their daughter, who became the youngest female Jedi in their family, and the second youngest in Kol's lineage, as the first in Ahsoka's. The two also alongside Luke Skywalker were the most powerful Force-users following the years of the New Republic and New Jedi Order. They were also the few Jedi to be married like Luke and Mara Jade.

Behind the ScenesEdit