Kiara Colt

Kiara Colt, Dark Acolyte.

"You Jedi Scum! You're no match for me!"

"You're proving to be too easy! You need to try way harder!"

-Jacen GhostArx and Kiara Colt

Kiara Colt was a Dark Acolyte who trained at the Ancient Sith Academy on Umbara. She was killed by Jedi Knight Jacen GhostArx while on guard duty.

Personality and TraitsEdit

"One day, I will become a Sith.

I'm sure you will, in time."

-Kiara tells Varad Zagg she will become a Sith

Like most Acolytes, Kiara dreamed of becoming a Sith. She was a full of hatred, especially for the Jedi. But she respected her masters, even though she wished to overthrow them when her training was complete. She also believed the Jedi were cowards, going easy on them in battle, but slightly gaining the upper hand. This trait ultimately proved to be her undoing, when Jacen GhostArx, a Jedi Knight with dark powers, blasted her with force lightning.


  • Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures (First appearence)