Death Watch assassin

Jocen Oant was a Death Watch assassin and general during the Clone Wars. He was known to attempt to assassinate Dutchess Satine on Mandalore, fight against the Jedi on Coruscant, and survive against Ahsoka Tano on Carlac.

Assassination attempt on SatineEdit

Not long before Obi-Wan Kenobi's visit to Mandalore, Pre Vizsla sent Jocen to assassinate Dutchess Satine. He traveled to Mandalore and crept around until he found Satine in the city. He then got his sniper rifle out and fired, but it missed. He kept attempting but Satine's guards found him. He attacked them, but they were powerful. He ran to his ship and went back to Concordia. He reported to Vizsla that he had failed.

War against the JediEdit

After being betrayed by Count Dooku and exiled to Carlac, the Death Watch travelled to Coruscant, seeking revenge on the Jedi. There were many Jedi on Coruscant outside of the Jedi Temple, so they attacked them. They knew they didn't stand a chance in the temple. Jocen fought with courage and bravery, and he fought hard. All the Jedi they attacked died, because of Jocen and Vizsla's efforts.

A Jedi on CarlacEdit

Lux Bonteri arrived on Carlac, as expected, but with Ahsoka Tano. Ahsoka hid her identity as a Jedi and was
Capturing Ahsoka

Ahsoka Tano, after Jocen fired a cable at her.

enslaved by Death Watch. Jocen thought nothing of her then. The leader of the Ming Po asked Death Watch to return the slaves and leave the planet. Vizsla pretended they were going to return the slaves. They brought the slaves to the village, making it look like they'd kept their promise. But Vizsla killed the leader and his grandaughter, who was also a slave. Then he ordered Death Watch to burn the village. Jocen, along with the other Death Watch members, did so. Ahsoka discarded her snow robes and attacked Death Watch. She was revealed as a Jedi. Jocen used his cable to tie her up, and she fell unconcious. Vizsla told Bonteri his disappointment of him bringing a Jedi to Carlac, and Bonteri begged him to spare Ahsoka. Vizsla refused to listen and prepared to execute her, but R2-D2 and his Battle Droid army created a diversion while giving Ahsoka her lightsabers. Jocen managed to hold against her for a short time, then went on to attack the droids. Bonteri, Ahsoka and R2 escaped on a speeder, with Lieutenant Bo-Katan in persuit. Bonteri and Ahsoka escaped from Bo-Katan, and fled on their ship.


  • Jocen's name came from a quiz to find a Star Wars name.