Jek Klenk was like an anti-pong krell. He is always supportive of clone troopers,he trys to never refer to his troops as "Clones", he always listens to his troops and does not like killing animals or any living thing, and trys to stun his enenies.


jek is a packrat witch means he likes to take souvenirs from his troops.if its from just a jar of sand to a armor pad from a clone.he is a sub general but not a true jedi. He is a force user but he is married and does not fallow all the jedi rules(like you shall not get merried blah blah blah.he is called in if a general is hurt then he takes far he has commaned the 501st legion, 212 ghost battlian and the 186 hourglass legion.he has roman numals on his aromor that marks how many battles he has been in. so far :26. he once was under cover to learn about jango fett and befriened him and earnd his trust and got special armor.


jek has many weapons from a stungun to a lightsaber.He often uses the stungun becase he dislikes killing things, although he some times does not take pitty on creatures. he once worked along side with Quinlan Vos and his lazyness rubbed off on jek and bacame a middle jedi.


jek in his clone trooper armor