hike(left)fighting alongside skid

Hike earned his name by being a lay low man at first,like echo. later him shark,claw, skid and swipe(commanding officer)
Hike 2

hike after he got promoted

where flying to christophsis,when thier shuttle was shot down and injureing swipe.then shark and claw argued about who would be in charge now that swipe is injured.meanwhile hike took care of swipe and skid watched out for the droids that ambushed them.then skid open fired on a droid patrol and hike and skid worked together while claw and shark showed off to swipe.shark broke formation and whent ahead and tryed to get the droid commander,sharks gun got empty and a super battle droid grabbed him and was about to fire on him when suddenly hike tossed a driod poper and deativated all the droids.

Seipe promoted hike and skid but DEMOTED shark to scout piolt.hike was now the commander of the 186 hourglass legion with skid,claw and shark.