Claw was a clone trooper who served under Commander Bly's 327th Star Corps. He was promoted to Desert
Trooper on Geonosis to search for jedi master Evan Piell.The mission was comprimized and Claw, Shark and Hike had to abandon the mission.Claw's CT number was CT-11626. Like other clones their CT numder changes when they get promoted.When he was promoted to sargeant his CT number changed to CS-11626 one of his close frends is Shark. He later executed Order 66 with Bly, Galle and the rest of the 327th upon Aayla Secura.

claw earned his nickname by choosing a double knife instead of a gun .He also got a scar across his eye from a unknown beast on Coruscant.

known companionsEdit

Claw often worked with Shark.Shark sometimes was alowed to come out of

Claw (far left) about to execute Order 66 upon Aayla Secura

piolt duty and take on other missions. Hike was a rookie that claw taught in the Clone Wars. Hike was also frends with Tup (501st legion). Tup and Hike were both in the same Clone Cadet squad on Kamino.
Claw in the clone wars

claw in the clone wars