348px-Unidentified clone cadet 2 (Bravo Squad)

Bravo Squad Leader Tal

"Let's start with the unit that ran the practice test in a rack of time! ARC trooper time!"

-ARC Commander Colt

Bravo Squad was the designation of a five-member Clone Cadet squad who trained in the military facilities of Tipoca City on Kamino during the Clone Wars.

Led by CT-3827 "Tal", the members of Bravo became well-known for their ability to work in an effective and efficient manner.



"Out there, we're a team and I'll give it all I've got. But when we're not, don't expect anything else from me."

-Clone Cadet "Sharp" to Clone Cadet "Tal"

During their time in Kamino, Bravo Squad was at the top of their ranks and considered by many to be the best group from the lastest batch of Clone Cadets. On the outside, they seemed to be working well together. However, on the inside, there was a major struggle for power. While Tal was the leader of the group, his teammate, Sharp, was after his position.

Jedi General Shaak Ti sensed this and managed to convince and inspire the cadets to work as brothers and for each other, not for the sake of simply working.

Final TestEdit

"Okay, this is it! Go for it!"

-"Sharp" to "Tal" during their final test ("Clone Cadets")

After Shaak Ti's lecture, the members of Bravo Squad began to calm down and respect each other more. When the final test came, Bravo Squad ran the challenge as a team and successfully completed it. ARC Commander Colt, the supervisor of the test, labled the members of Bravo Squad as potential ARC trooper candidates.


Following their graduation, the members of Bravo Squad, now Clone troopers, were shipped to the frontlines of the war to fight against Separatist droid forces.

Source was killed at some point during one of the squad's many firefights, though he had actually survived, keeping his status a secret from his brothers.

By the time Tal became an ARC trooper of Rancor Battalion, troopers Sharp and Hactor had both perished on the battlefield while Reeve had been reassigned to an unknown location.


  • CT-3827 "Tal" (3) - Alive
  • "Source" (2) - Deceased (Alive in secret)
  • "Sharp" (4) - Deceased
  • "Reeve" (1) - Alive
  • "Hactor" (5) - Deceased


  • Clone Cadets (First appearance)