• Clonefanatic


    February 12, 2013 by Clonefanatic



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  • Arctrooper1077

    Today is a new day

    December 19, 2012 by Arctrooper1077

    Hello I am Arctrooper1077, I will be helping Clonefanatic with the Clone Wars Fanon Wiki--there will be a lot of changes soon so expect today a new background, the new header already came out (by me), possibly a new website color scheme, and finally--a home page update! 

    Happy editing!

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  • Reedman211

    Hello Everyone, I am Reedman. If any of you would like to take part in my story, I am willing to work with you to come up with a great story for both characters. If you have no experience or don't want to make it yourself, I can come up with the story if you like. But if you want to help out and come up with some ideas, we can brainstorm on here in the comments, in chat, or you can send me a message. My only requirement for this, is that my character does not die. The battle or mission that takes place may have any outcome, meaning if I am battling your character, you may win it if you like or I may win. So feel free to leave your character name and user name below and I'll check it out and put you in the story. If you want to brainstorm w…

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  • Clonefanatic

    Look what the SWF wiki said about my wiki! :(

    Partnership with SWF

    What do you think???????

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  • Clonefanatic

    Hey Target just released the Commander Fox in Phase II armor figure!!! I'm gonna get it because I'm colecting Phase II figures from TCW. He looks awesome huh?

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  • Darthmenace

    Hey guys! Check out this bit of the Sith Killer Book I, written by yours truly!

    “You didn’t like the food Korr threw down?” the Trandoshan asked, its voice deep and gravelly.

    “Who are you? Why did you kidnap me?” Kelen asked, ignoring the Trandoshan’s question.

    “We heard you’re hunting Sith.”

    “What’s it to you?”

    “We’ve been employed by the Master Sith. The new Sith Lord.”

    “Who’s that supposed to be?”

    “It doesn’t matter. We are the Red Darkness.”

    “What’s that? A gang of some sort?”

    “Ever hear of the Black Sun?” another voice said, from the shadows. It was female.

    “Who hasn’t?” Kelen answered.

    “They’re nothing compared to us.”

    Kelen wanted to laugh, but he didn’t want to aggravate them.

    “Honestly, if you’re trying to instill fear into my heart, it’s not …

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  • Clonefanatic

    SW mashal law

    March 20, 2012 by Clonefanatic

    Ok, my Mom was just driving her and me to a movie when we were pulled over by the Empire and saw a giant AT-AT marching through. BEWARE It's Emperor Palpatine's new order!!!!!!!!! uh oh i'm being cuffed!!!!

    Long live the Jedi!

    Long live the Jedi!!

    Long live the Jedi!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Clonefanatic

    Hey there everyone! I know that some of you have created novels or mini books or whatever. Well I canedit either a CW logo or a SW logo and make it any color, and could have words underneath it like my books. Ifany of you would like me to make you any I could totally do that! :) I can also add in pictures into the picture like in some real novels. :) Yeah it's possible. LOL

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  • Jacen55

    Knights of the Republic wiki

    February 11, 2012 by Jacen55

    Please contibute to my Knights of the Republic wiki! I'd really appreciate it.

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  • Clone trooperjessy15

    new legion?

    December 18, 2011 by Clone trooperjessy15

    aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh yeah this CTjessy15 here anddddddd im talkin about my newest clone trooper hike.

    hike is not in commander Bly.he is in the 186 legion .The legion is nick named hourglass commpany because their legion is the fastest troop to on a battle field,and they challenge them selfs to be done in a matter of time.

    well i have to finnish the rest of my stuff soooooooo



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