An ARC Trooper General

The ARC Trooper General, informally called ARC General, was a rank awarded exclusively to Clones of the Grand Army of the Republic during the course of the Clone Wars.

It was the highest rank a Clone trooper could ever hope to achieve.*

As the name indicates, a Clone must first be given the title of ARC trooper before acquiring numerous decorations that would ascend him to ARC General.

Of the millions of Clone troopers bred to fight in the Clone Wars, it is estimated that around thirty ARC Generals were actually active by the second year of the war, proving the high standards needed to achieve the rank. Due to the rarity of a Clone meeting said required standards, ARC Generals were almost never seen in combat.

Although the Jedi and their respective Clone Captains or Commanders generally worked well and agreed on strategies, ARC Generals were the only Clones who stood on the exact same level of authority as the Jedi and, in some cases, possessed the military rights to completely overrule the orders of a Jedi.


ARC Generals were known to use ARC trooper armor that was painted entirely black.

They were also allowed access to ARC trooper-exclusive weapons and equipment.

Known ARC Trooper GeneralsEdit


  • In military terms, Clone Marshal Commander remained the highest rank a Clone could achieve. However, because ARC Generals were given limited political power to Jedi authority, the ARC Trooper General unofficially was the highest rank for a Clone trooper.