101st Airbourne Corps
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101st troopers bailing from LAAT.


CC-4617 "Null"


CC-4617 "Null"


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The 101st Airbourne Corps was a small Corps lead by CC-4617. They often would take part in missions that included, sabotage, dropping behind enemy lines, bag and drag and search and destroy missions. They took part in the the Second Battle of Geonosis, the Battle of Teth and the Battle of Ryloth and Siege of Saleucami which was the 101st's first major campaign after their Commander "Null" had died.

History Edit

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Although the 101st was an 'airbourne' corps (which were often seen as well trained, experienced units), the 101st were fairly fresh during the time they fought in their first battle (Battle of Teth), and took a very large mount of casualties leading to many regiments in the 101st to withdraw temporarily or for the rest of the battle.

In just a few weeks the battle of Ryloth had begun to take place. A division (legion) from the 101st was sent to help with general support, they finished the battle taking over 11% (1100) casualties. Towards the end of 22BBY the second Battle of Geonosis had begun and the 101st were once again being called upon for support. The mission was to drop in from LAATs how ever the plan was flawed by the enemy anti-air emplacements.

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101st troopers on patrol.

Armour Edit

The 101st armour had a seaweed green/teal colour (some refer to it as a bubblegum colour). They also had white as their main armour colour and charcoal greys for their under-armour and karma. The captains and commanders were issued a head torch and visor along with an antenna for long range communications.